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JAN 25 SGGS College-26 win PU Inter-College Boxing

With a haul of six gold medals, SGGS College Sec. 26, Chandigarh won the Panjab University Inter College Boxing (Men) Championship for the session 2018-19 with 36 points here today.
 GGDSD College Sec. 32, Chd with 23.5 points and DAV College, Sec-10, Chandigarh with 9 Points secured second and, third positions respectively.
Results: 49 kg: Vivek (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Rohit (GGD SD, Sec-32), 3 Jagmeet (G.C, Muktsar) and Sandeep (GPC, Alor).
52 kg: 1 Mewa Singh (GGD SD, Sec-32), 2 Kamlesh (MGKM Shahi Sports,Ldh), 3 Harshdeep (SGGS, Sec-26) and Rahul (G C Muktsar).
56 kg: 1 Surinder (MMD DAV, Gidderbaha), 2 Gaurav (DAV, Sec-10), 3 Sandeep (S R Coll, Dalla) and Rohan (PGGC, Sec-11). 
60 Kg: 1 Shubham (GGD SD, Sec-32), 2 Vishal (SGGS, Sec-26), 3 Anuj (PGGC, Sec-11) and Shubham (DAV, Sec-10). 
64 Kg: 1 Rohit Kumar (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Sandeep (GGD SD, Sec-32), 3 Gurwinder (G C Muktsar) and Mandeep (S R Coll, Dalla). 
69 Kg: 1 Vishal (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Abhay (DAV, Sec-10), 3 Varinder (GGD SD, Sec-32).
75 Kg: 1 Sanjay (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Ish Pannu (GGD SD, Sec-32), 3 Shebaj Khan (GPC Alour).
81 Kg: 1 Shubham Singh (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Naveen (P U Campus Chd), 3 Shubham Kumar (PGGC Sec, 46 Chd.).
91 Kg:  1 Swan Gill (SGGS, Sec-26), 2 Jatin (GPC Alour).
+91 Kg: 1 Sandeep (DAV College Hsp.), 2 Sagar (GGD SD, Sec-32), 3 Mohit (SGGS, Sec-26).

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