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Top 25 of 2018: #8 Dafne Schippers

Dafne continues to have great success in the 100m and 200m, competing for the Netherlands. 2018 saw her win three medals at the 2018 European Championships in Berlin. The 26 year old won Bronze in the 100m, Silver in the 200m, and another Silver in the 4 X 100m Relay. She was also a finallist in the 60m at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.
This year is the first time she hasn't appeared in the top 3 in the Top 25. A former No.1 in 2015, and 2nd in 2014, 2016 and 2017. This year she is a lowly 8th. She was first on HWiS in August 2014.

Here are some 2018 images

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