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6 Interesting Ways To Cook With Apples

‘Tis the season for apple picking, homemade applesauce, apple cider, apple pie—you name it. The good news is, generally speaking, apples are good for you! Apples are packed with dietary fiber, which help regulate fat levels in the blood and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Plus, they’re a healthy outlet for satisfying some sweet cravings, and provide a welcome crunch to a lot of recipes.
Check out these apple recipes that are great for fall and go far beyond simply tossing one in your lunch bag. Just remember: apples come in many colors, textures, and flavors, so keep an eye on what’s recommended.

Apple & Walnut Sweet Potato Bites

These apple walnut sweet potato medallians are a definite crowd pleaser and great for a pretty appetizer!

Apple Raisin Steel Cut Oats

After you go apple picking, make this healthy bowl of steel cut oats for breakfast the next morning! It’s hearty and packed with amazing fall flavor.

Apple & Bacon Brussels Sprouts

If you think you don’t like Brussels sprouts, think again. The addition of apple and bacon will have you asking for seconds!

Apple Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

A cookie? For breakfast? Yep, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it either! Prep these breakfast cookies and your family will be ready to go all week.

Paleo Apple Pie Tart

This Paleo apple pie tart is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free! Make this special treat to bring health to a special get-together.

Inside Out Apple Pies

Celebrate autumn with a healthier (and portion-controlled) twist on the classic all-American dessert.

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