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Basic Bicep Workout For Beginners

For this workout, perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise, resting 60 seconds between sets. For the warm-up, perform 10 reps of each exercise for only one set. Using a challenging weight that allows you to complete all reps. If the weight is too easy, slightly increase it. If it is too hard, slightly decrease it.

Equipment Needed: Swiss Ball, Tubing/Bands, Dumbbells, Barbells

Workout Time: 40 minutes

Estimated Calorie Burn: 310

  1. Hold a barbell underhand with your hands shoulder-width apart and your arms straight.
  2. Raise the barbell up to shoulder height, keeping your elbows at your sides.
    • Lower the barbell back to a straight arm position.
    • Do not rock your upper body back and forth as you lift and lower the barbell.

  1. Lie on an incline bench holding dumbbells by your side with your arms straight, palms facing forward.
  2. Raise the dumbbells up to your shoulders, bending at the elbows and turning at the wrists to finish with your palms facing back.

  1. Sit on a bench holding a dumbbell with your elbow resting on your inner thigh and your arm straight.
  2. Raise the dumbbell up to your shoulder, bending at the elbow.
    • Keep your elbow on your inner thigh throughout.
    • Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.

 Kneel on the floor with your chest and elbows on the ball. holding the dumbbells with your arms extended over the ball.
  1. Raise the dumbbells up to shoulder height, finishing with your palms facing back.
    • Do not round your lower back as you raise the dumbbells.

  1. Raise one dumbbell up and across to your opposite shoulder bending at the elbow.
  2. Lower this dumbbell then lift the other dumbbell to the other shoulder.
    • Stand upright holding dumbbells with your arms straight by your sides with palms facing in.
    • Perform one rep on one side, then switch to the other side. Alternate sides with each rep.

  1. Stand upright, holding handles with your arms straight out in front at shoulder height, palms up.
  2. Pull the handles into your shoulders, bending at the elbows and keeping them at shoulder height.
    • Keep your shoulders steady throughout.

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  1. Lay down over a counter with the incline. Your hip and legs needs to be on the ground to assist control you. You need to have a dumbbell in each arm. Secure your elbows in position from the Daniel DeMoss site. Your shoulder blades cutting blades ought to be contracted.