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Beat The Heat: Shows To Watch On The Treadmill

Summer, the time of year where you have the internal struggle of wanting to be up and active, but also want to stay inside, catch up on your shows, and beat the heat and humidity. Well, why not do both! Below are six television shows that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping, belly laughing, and legs moving.

Friends, Parks and Rec, New Girl

Or any 30-minute sitcom is a great treadmill show choice. The quick-witted, heartfelt episodes are sure to keep your attention while keeping your workout moving! Think “okay, just one more episode and I will be at my goal”

Walking Dead, Law & Order, Breaking Bad

Whether you’re running from zombies, chasing down the bad guys, or running from the law, these TV dramas are sure to get you sucked in and wanting to binge-watch every episode. Talk about a heart-racing cardio session!

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