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Body weight Strength Training Plan You Can Accomplish Anywhere

This is an interesting time of year. As the new year approaches and getting healthier is top of mind for many, the holidays ramp up and it’s harder and harder to get to the gym and stick to a routine. Many skip workouts, but also increase calorie intake. That’s why this fitness plan is here! We don’t want you to get off track. Let’s focus on a simple strength training plan that you can do anywhere, anytime, so you can push through the holiday season and into 2018 stronger than ever.
This progressive, four-week plan can be found in the Anytime Fitness mobile app, under the workouts tab (Plans > Beginner > Strength > No Equipment). Even though it’s labeled “beginner,” it’s great for any person of any fitness level. There are three workouts a week, with a recommended day of active rest in between.
During week one, you’ll start at a moderate intensity. The exercises will mainly target the muscles that surround your knees, hips, and shoulder joints. These unilateral exercises will help you increase your muscular strength by using your body weight alone. As you progress into weeks two through four, you’ll notice that the workouts start to utilize supersets, which will allow you to work more muscle groups at once, and make even more progress.
Even though this is just a body weight strength training plan, you will feel muscles being used that you might not typically feel from a free weight or resistance machine exercise. Trust me, when you do the lateral lunges, you will feel it the next day! So, let’s get going with workout one. There’s no reason to wait!

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