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Challenge Your Core With This 60-Minute Belly Blaster

While your gut may be sore this time of year from too many holiday indulgences, we hope it’s actually because you’ve been working those core muscles with an intense workout like this! Your core strength is crucial for so much of what you do—and important for advancing any of your physical goals, not to mention protecting against injury.
Here’s a way to make them the star of the show, and really target those major trunk muscles. Make sure to do a dynamic warm-up before getting started, and then target slow, controlled reps that focus in on your inner-most muscles for maximum impact.
This workout is easier in the gym, because you also need a stability ball, bar, and pulley. Seem too intense? Try this Stability Ball Workout with a buddy, or read “The Best Way to Strengthen Your Core” for even more recommended moves. You’ve got this!

Belly Blaster Workout

Reps: 15 | Circuits: 3 | Rest: 60 seconds between circuits

Side Lunge

1 – Stand upright holding the dumbbells by your sides, with your arms straight.
2 – Step laterally to one side, lowering your body down and leaning your torso slightly forward with your weight on the outside leg.
• Keep your trailing leg straight.
3 – Push off your outside foot to return to the start position.

Push-Up to T

1 – Support your body on your toes and hands with your elbows bent and your chest nearly touching the floor.
2 – Push up to a straight arm position, then raise one hand to the ceiling while rotating your body to the same side and look up at your hand.
• Lower your body back to the start position and repeat to the other side.
• Alternate sides with each rep.

Hanging Knee Raise

1 – Hang from a secure bar overhead with your arms and legs straight.
2 – Raise your knees toward your chest, bending at your hips and knees.
• Lower your legs and repeat, keeping your arms straight.

Arm to Leg Transfer

1 – Lie on your back with your legs straight, holding the ball overhead with your arms fully extended.
2 – Raise your arms and legs up straight to the middle of your body and transfer the ball from your hands to between your ankles.
3 – Lower your arms and legs and repeat in the opposite direction.
4 – Transfer the ball back and forth every rep.

Bent Over Row & Twist

1 – Bend forward at your waist, split your feet holding a dumbbell with your arm straight and palm facing in.
2 – Lift the dumbbell up to the side of your chest and rotate your upper body up to this side.
• Lower the dumbbell and repeat.
• Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.
Equipment Sub: Kettle-bell

Kneeling Crunch

1 – Kneel holding a rope cable at the sides of your head.
2 – Curl your head and torso down to your knees, keeping your hands at the sides of your head.
Equipment Sub: Tubing

Oblique Extension

1 – Lay over a back extension machine with thighs on the pads and your upper body bent over at the waist, arms across your chest.
2 – Raise your upper body upright and twist your torso to one side.
• Lower and repeat, twisting to the other side.

Side Bend

1 – Stand holding a cable handle to one side, bent over slightly to that side.
2 – Bend your torso to the opposite side, moving through your midsection.
• Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.
Equipment Sub: Tubing

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