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Dreading Monday? Shake Off The Sunday Blues With These Tips.

We know the feeling. It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re reminiscing on the fun you had this week, and then it happens: the blues begin to set in… tomorrow is Monday. Because Monday is inevitably going to knock on your door tomorrow morning, we’ve created a list below of a few ideas that may better prepare you for the week ahead. Implementing one, two, or all of these ideas can set the stage for a more balanced week. Read below for a few simple changes you can make this Sunday.

Write out your “must do” list for the week

The list running around in your head could be causing you more stress than you’re aware of. Take five minutes on Sunday night  to write down your list of “must do” responsibilities for the week. This exercise can help you center in on exactly what needs to be accomplished this week so you can plan accordingly. Knowing what is coming up will allow you to take a breath and feel prepared.

Get your weekly tasks done early

Start the week off by getting weekly tasks done early. Getting your laundry done and groceries purchased will help keep the stress level down at the beginning of the week. Having empty hampers and a stocked pantry will be something you thank yourself for when the busyness sets in.

Do Monday morning tasks early

For most of us, Monday morning involves packing a lunch, picking out an outfit, and showering. Cross as many of these items off your list on Sunday night to make Monday morning easier. Pack your lunch right after dinner, lay out your outfit ahead of time, and shower before bed. Finishing these tasks on Sunday night will help you stay focused and on time.

Take a breath

Take a minute to breathe on Sunday night. With all of the running around required to prepare for Monday, don’t forget to enjoy a few minutes alone or with family. Check out the list below for some ideas:
  • Enjoy a Sunday night snack with your family
  • Read a book for fun! (Choose something you want to know more about.)
  • Take a bath with epsom salt or bubbles
  • Journal about your weekend & what you’re thankful for
  • Watch a movie in your PJs
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood before bedtime

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