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Finish Summer Strong With This August Wellness Calendar

Summer ain’t over yet! And regardless of the season, you can make progress toward your health and wellness goals every month. It takes planning and perseverance though. Use this quick and easy tool to be mindful of your time and make your health a priority. Don’t forget to set some small goals and take a few measurements so you can see how you’ve progressed by the end of the month. You got this!

Want More Direction?

Try our beginner Get Started Plan with recommended workouts and times to get moving during your first 30 days of fitness. If you’d like to personalize these plans more to your personal abilities and needs, you can visit your nearest Anytime Fitness to work with a certified personal trainer. We also have more detailed, goal-oriented fitness plans:
  • 15-Day Family Fitness Challenge
  • 21-Day Rowing Machine Plan
  • 4-Week Cycling Training Plan
  • 6-Week Pre-Wedding Workout Plan
  • 8-Week Spring Break Body Fitness Plan
  • 3-Month Weight Lifting Plan

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