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Follow These 6 Instagram Accounts For Fit-Spiration

It’s apparent we’re living in the social media age. Every time I scroll through Instagram it’s filled with photos of the perfect meal, the perfect outfit, or the perfect dog—but real life isn’t perfect and I am tired of social media making us think that we have to strive for the unattainable. So I went on a quest—an Instagram quest if you will—to find real Anytime Fitness members, with real stories, whose real hard work is seeing real results. So be sure to check them out and follow the accounts below for some insta-motivation!

Karla Pankow: @bossystrong

This firefighter is down 100 lbs. and not stopping anytime soon. Following Karla will give you a true look into her life—from what she eats in a day to her bright gym shorts. Karla shares it all!

Steve Alexy: @steve_alexy_bb

If you want to see what true dedication and positivity looks like, then you need to follow Steve. Steve is an award-winning body builder with cerebral palsy who is using his Instagram to inspire others to be the best that they can be!

Kiely Hagen: @misskiely/@kielyfit

Kiely is a 20-something gal whose Instagram will want you to be her BFF! Kiely shares her journey to getting healthier and happier with such spunk and positivity, it will feel like you’re laughing right along with her.

Brandon Hinz: @brandonhinz

Brandon is showing the world what commitment looks like. His posts highlight his improvements and help him keep his goals in mind! After following Brandon, there’s no doubt you will be inspired to do some heavy lifting.

Lydia Dziubanek: @_lydiadziubanek_

As one of Anytime Fitness’s past Member Success Stories, Lydia is anything short of inspiring! Her Instagram shows off what hard work really looks like and that no matter what setbacks you face, you should never stop reaching for your goals.

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