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Fuel Your Confidence With The Anytime Fitness App

Convenience. Community. Coaching. That’s the Anytime Fitness way. But we never want to stop evolving; it’s our goal to do whatever we can to help you get to a healthier place, and we’re pumped to announce a new tool that can assist!
We know being successful in fitness (and life) has a lot to do with what’s happening outside the gym. And we can’t always be there to encourage and support you—except now we can!
Before we tell you more, download our app for free here. We promise it’s worth it.
                                                    *App appointment option varies by gym.
Full capabilities available for Anytime Fitness members only on iOS and Android devices.

Track Your Progress in the Health Feed

Every time you open the app you’ll be welcomed with a screen that shows your photo, goal progress, and the latest Facebook messages from your home gym. Make sure to sync your fitness tracker, if you have one, and MapMyFitness account, so that all your movements—from steps to workouts—are tracked. You can also access your MyFitnessPal account right from the app, so you remember to do your nutrition tracking. The more info you have connected and collected in the app, the easier it will be to monitor your progress. Don’t forget to set your “Motivation” as well, so you have a regular reminder for why a commitment to your health is so important!

Keep Striving with Personalized Goals

The Anytime Fitness App is designed to keep you moving, engaged, and feeling accountable. Create your user profile—linked to your membership and key fob, so every gym visit is counted—and then set your daily, weekly, and long-term goals so you have a good gauge for what success looks like. How many steps are recommended a day? How many calories should you burn daily at your age and weight? How many times a week would you like to get to the gym? What do you want to achieve or learn next? (Think along the lines of small wins, like a certain number of push-ups, or weight lifted, or mileage run—not just weight lost.) The app will guide you to make general and personalized goals that can always be adjusted as you crush them!

Always Be Prepared with Anytime Workouts

Forget about wandering the gym wondering what to do—or skipping a workout entirely because you’re stumped. Anytime Fitness members can now access more than 1,100 workouts straight from their Apple or Android phone, Apple watch, or other device via the Anytime Fitness app. (If you’re not so tech-reliant or prefer good ol’ paper in the gym, don’t worry: You can also download and print PDFs of Anytime Workouts.) Filter the workouts by fitness level, what you want to work on—like cardio, strength, and agility—and the amount of equipment you have available, so exercising away from the gym works just as well. You’ll end up with a handful of recommended workouts, with written and video instruction of every movement, that you can tackle right away. Make sure to save your favorites in the app and even document your reps and weight used, so you know how you did the last time and can push yourself when you return.

So what are you waiting for?! Download our free app today:

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Full capabilities available for Anytime Fitness members only on iOS and Android devices.

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