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Gold Medal Mash Up

Your New Year’s resolution motivation might be waning, but the Winter Olympics are sure to inspire you to continue on your fitness journey or maybe even up your game! The athletes’ stories, fierce finishes, and emotions on display during the medal ceremonies are sure to have you lacing up your sneaks.  As you head for the door, be sure to grab this medal-worthy, metabolic conditioning workout as your training guide. Get ready to crush the competition as you sprint your way through a quick HIIT workout with moves inspired by your favorite winter sports. Whether your home is on slopes or you prefer cozying up next to the fire, this fast-paced workout will get you warm on the inside!
Be sure to warm-up for 5-10 minutes prior to completing the circuit and pick a few of your favorite stretches to complete after 2-3 minutes of walking to cool down. Complete each exercise within the pair for 30 seconds. Then, rest for 15 seconds and repeat. The goal is to become uncomfortable during exercise 1 and recover (slightly) during exercise 2.  You should be able to complete this metabolic conditioning workout in 20 minutes. But, if you do it right, that should be all you need!

Speed Skaters

Leap side to side. Try to take off from one foot and land on one foot. If needed, touch your back foot down for balance. To increase intensity, go wider, jump more explosively, or move faster.

Curtsy Lunge with Upper Body Rotation

Step back into a lunge and cross the left leg behind the right with arms extended out, in front of the chest. Be sure to put more weight on the right foot (front foot) and slightly hinge at the hip. The knee should be pointing in the same direction as your toes. At the bottom of the lunge, with arms still outstretched, rotate your torso in the direction of the back foot. Return torso to face front and then bring feet together. Switch legs. Feel free to add weight (hand weight, medicine ball, kettle-bell) to the upper body for increased intensity.

90-Degree Squat Jumps

Begin with feet a bit wider than hip distance. Sink into a squat and as you come back up, jump and turn a quarter turn to face the right side. Land in a squat and repeat to return center. Continue alternating the quarter jump to either side of the room. If you prefer less impact, complete the quarter turn with a small hop or simply move your feet quickly. To increase intensity, jump higher, move faster, or add a medicine ball at the chest or overhead as you jump.

Squat with Heel Lift

Begin with feet a bit wider than hip distance. Sink into a squat, making sure to keep weight in the heels, knees lined up with toes, and chest lifted. Once you are at the lowest point of your squat, pause and lift your heels. Hold the heel lift for a count of three, lower your heels, and stand back up. To increase the intensity, move slowly, increase the range of motion, and consider adding weight at the chest or overhead.

Mogul Hops 

Begin with feet close together; jump and turn the body to the right diagonal. Then, quickly, jump and return to center. Repeat to the left. Unlike the squat jumps from above, these are mini hops with focus on moving quickly and precisely. To increase intensity, move faster or add a medicine ball to the chest.

Plank with Alternating Lunge

Position hands on the floor, directly under your shoulders, and extend the legs out behind you. From this position, take your right leg and place it near your right hand (in a low lunge position), then return back to plank position and repeat on the left side. Continue alternating. To increase the intensity, move faster or change to a hop from right lunge to left lunge.

Triple Hop & Hold

Stand on your right leg. Perform three progressive hops (think little, big, bigger). After the third hop, stick the landing in a deep bend and count to three before repeating on the same leg for the duration. You will perform the hops on the left side during your second round.

Warrior 3 to Standing

Stand on your right leg and extend the left leg behind you. Arms reach overhead with biceps covering ears. Keep the body in one straight line as you try to hinge forward, bringing the back leg off the floor and the torso parallel to the floor. Pause and return to standing. Continue on the right side for the duration. You will perform the Warrior 3 on the left side during your second round.

Reverse Burpee

Begin with your feet wider than hip distance. Squat back and down to the ground. Once your bum hits the floor, lie back, extending the legs out in front of you and the arms overhead. Quickly return to a seated position and back up to the standing start position. To increase the intensity, add a jump when you stand or move faster. Be sure to perform this exercise on a soft mat or be extra careful as you lower to the ground. You might consider completing this on a BOSU Balance Trainer instead for an extra challenge (and a soft place to land).

Reverse Plank

Begin in a seated position with your legs outstretched. Place your hands behind you on the ground slightly behind your shoulders. Press through your hands and heels to drive the hips up towards the ceiling. Hold for a count of three and lower down. Repeat for the duration. You can also bend your knees and place your feet on the floor to perform a reverse tabletop, instead.

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