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How To Be A Better Athlete

Every great athlete knows what happens off the competitive court, pitch, or other playing field is what produces consistent long-term success. Practice, practice, practice! And train. Your body is a “weapon,” and developing strength, agility, and endurance is just as important as improving your sports-specific skills.
Use these workouts to get moving in the right direction. Even if you’re not a big athlete, or hitting the greens in retirement, you’ll find theses movements can benefit your everyday life and activities as well! Play on.

Athlete-Inspired Workouts

Develop Soccer Strength Like a World Cup Athlete

Follow this World Cup-inspired workout to address the essentials of soccer success: endurance, core, balance, and strength.

Train Like a Boxer with This Endurance Workout

Boxing requires insane cardio and anaerobic endurance, plus speed, leg endurance, and core strength. Try this workout for a taste of what’s involved!

Focus on Basketball Conditioning

While no workout can make you taller, this one will help you get stronger, faster, and fitter, which is essential for dominating the basketball court.

Improve Your Golf Drive with Three Easy Exercises

Every sport has its specific demands on your body. Target your core, shoulders, and wrists for a better golf game.

Get Beach Volleyball Ready

Beach volleyball is all about stability, leg strength, and power! Use this specialized workout to prep your body for rockin’ the court Top Gun style.

Winter Games Workout

Hockey and other winter sport Olympians prepare for their medal competitions with years of training. Give this leg and core workout your best effort and go for the gold!

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