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How To Build Valuable Cycling Strength—Off The Bike

As the end of cycling season draws near for many climates, this is the perfect time to think about your conditioning and how you can improve for next year—and start building more power!
When training for cycling, think about incorporating similar motions while increasing your core strength and surrounding muscles. As a cyclist, you’ll always use your hips, quads, and hamstrings, but we also want to build on the muscles surrounding them—like our lower backs and core. This full-body workout will do just that. You’ll be working on the prime muscles you employ while cycling, and working in a fashion (hard work, little rest!) that helps increase cardiovascular endurance at the same time.

Cycling Strength Workout

Do the first 5 exercises back-to-back. You’ll complete 4 rounds, and each round will be 45 seconds of work with a 15-second rest before the next exercise. At the end of each round, take a 1 minute rest before beginning the next one.
After that, you’ll do 3 sets of 12 (each side) of the Uni Windmill and Dead bug. Do this at your own pace, without a particular rest time. Challenge yourself, but listen to your body and rest if you need a break.

Complete 4 Rounds: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

Shoulder Swing

Pike Push Up

Glute Bridge

Step Up

Mountain Climber

Complete 3 sets of 12 (each side) for both moves.

Uni Windmill

Dead bug

Way to go, you’re done!

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