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Is Sambit Patra Accused of Raping a Girl?

Sambit Patra is the national spokesperson of BJP. This aggressive and erudite spokesperson has always been a hot target for Congress, BJP and Left ecosystem. He has been severely trolled by journalists and social activists. But, Sambit has always fought valiantly. He is known for putting the best defence for the party on any issues.

Recently, the fake news factory of Congress and AAP has created another malicious viral message against him.

That is regarding a rape case. It has been claimed that Sambit Patra, as doctor, had been accused of raping a girl and was dismissed from the service by a Government hospital in Delhi.

This news is completely fake and libelous. It also manifests the level to which these scums can fall.

Sambit Patra is a qualified doctor. He had cracked UPSC Common Medical Examination and joined a prestigious medical college and hospital in Delhi.
While working as the doctor, he became quite famous in the Northern area of Delhi. He fought MCD election on BJP symbol. Unfortunately, he lost the election.

Dr. Sambit Patra had resigned. The reason was his decision to fight the MCD election. This fact has been widely reported by many Delhi based media houses, which can be easily checked on the Internet.

If we are talking about any sort of license, then nothing has ever been terminated against Sambit Patra. He is a qualified surgeon and eligible to work in any hospital.

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