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Is Your Core Getting Bored? Mix Things Up With These Trunk Muscle Workouts.

Is your core getting bored? Try one (or all!) of the workouts below to give your trunk muscles some attention. Each workout is filled with various movements that will keep your routine fresh and your core well-worked.

Belly Blaster

Includes: side lunge, push-up to T, hanging knee raise, arm to leg transfer, bent over row & twist, kneeling crunch, oblique extension, side bend

6 Core Moves Better Than Crunches

Includes: plant pull thru, windmill, TRX tuck, lo-hi chop, TRX roll-out, plank with leg lift

Core & Flexibility Training

Includes: squat chop, one leg front bridge, twist, dead bug, glutes stretch, side bridge crunch, alternating superman, scorpion stretch, lower back stretch, hamstring stretch, hip flexors stretch, quadriceps stretch, IT band stretch

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