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Keep Your Resolutions Moving With This February Calendar

The holiday rush is over, and right about now, New Year’s resolutions are often losing their steam—but don’t let them! The hardest part is getting started, and the second hardest is pushing forward even if you haven’t seen the results you’re working toward. It takes time. Have faith in the process and long-term plan to build a stronger, healthier life. Tools like this can be helpful to keep your momentum going.
Simply download this wellness calendar and fill in the days, ensuring you stay active and organized. Don’t forget to fill out the goals and measurement sections, and maybe add in a personal adventure or two. This shouldn’t be all work! Good luck.

Want more direction?

Try our beginner Get Started Plan with recommended workouts and times to get moving during your first 30 days of fitness. If you’d like to personalize these plans more to your personal abilities and needs, you can visit your nearest Anytime Fitness to work with a certified personal trainer. We also have more detailed, goal-oriented fitness plans:
  • 15-Day Family Fitness Challenge
  • 21-Day Rowing Machine Plan
  • 4-Week Cycling Training Plan
  • 6-Week Pre-Wedding Workout Plan
  • 8-Week Spring Break Body Fitness Plan
  • 3-Month Weight Lifting Plan

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