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Meal Prep Worksheet + Tips

Strolling up and down the grocery aisles without a plan isn’t only frustrating, it wastes your time!  Take the initiative to plan your meals this coming week. Planning your meals will save you time and the many headaches that can come along with the common “What are we going to eat???” question. Download the Meal Prep Worksheet below to begin seeing the difference a little planning can make both in the grocery store and at home.

Tips for filling out the Meal Prep Worksheet
  1. Look in your pantry.
    Select recipes for the week based on what you already have. Use what you’ve already purchased to save money and clear space for new groceries in a few weeks.
  2. Be realistic.
    Do you really have time to make that roasted turkey with fresh veggies and homemade bread? Be realistic in your meal plan. For example, on Saturday you may have a good amount of time to make something special, but on Thursday night it’s likely best to opt for something simple (like 5-Minute Black Bean Quesadillas).
  3. Plan to double and repeat.
    Making new meals every day sounds stressful! Don’t be afraid to double your recipes for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. Finally, it’s not against the rules to have a similar breakfast or lunch multiple times per week. Make grocery shopping and food prep easy by planning to double recipes and repeat others.

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