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Meditation For People Who Don’t Have Time To Meditate

Meditation seems to be to be everywhere. People are talking about their morning meditation practices on their Instagram Stories, on Facebook, in the office – but how are you suppose to meditate when you have kids to drop off, meetings to get to, groceries to shop for, and a dog to walk? There is no time! Well, let’s take a deeper dive into how meditation can help you and how you can actually work it into your day.
What is Meditation
Meditation is the practice of clearing the mind and focusing on being mindful, present, fully engaged in your everyday life.
Why Meditation
Besides clearing your mind and helping you be more mindful, meditation may also help to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen focus and clarity of the mind. As little as ten minutes a day can really help calm your busy mind and it may help your cardiovascular health!
When and How to Meditate
Okay, now we know meditation can help with your physical and mental health, but we still are busy people when do we have the time? And more importantly how do you even clear your mind enough to meditate?
To clear your mind give one of these apps a try:
  • Head space
  • Calm
  • Stop, Breathe & Think
As for when, try using one of these apps during the following:
  • In the shower – take this time to wake-up and clear your mind.
  • On the treadmill or elliptical – once you get in the groove focus on clarity.
  • While walking the dog – take in your surroundings and try to be at peace.
  • On your commute – maybe not if your driving, but if you carpool or take public transportation, pop in your headphones!

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