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Reaching Your Goals With The Three Rs

There are only a few more months in 2018, so it’s a great time to take a breather and evaluate whether you’re crushing your health and fitness goals or whether they (or life!) are crushing you. The good news is that there’s time to adjust. Like the most grueling games and inspiring upsets, you can still win if you’re willing to evaluate your choices and make much-needed adjustments.
The process is fairly simple and painless, but requires a commitment to reflect, refocus and reframe. Use the following questions to assist your determination of a game-winning strategy for meeting your goals.


• What has gone well for me?
• What could I improve?
• What motivated me six months ago to achieve my goal?
• What has helped or prohibited my progress?


• What will motivate me now to achieve my goal? (This may have changed. Recognize it and go with it!)
• What steps can I take tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, and six months from now to work toward accomplishing my goal?
• Maybe you’ve been amazingly successful: What moves will you make next? Should you up your goal?
• Who will hold me accountable?


• How have I adapted to a changing environment? If I haven’t adapted and what I’m doing doesn’t seem to be getting me closer to my goals, how could I approach this differently?
• What resources or tactics can I employ that I haven’t already tried?
• What’s working well for me and how can I take those strategies to get me one step further?
• What would I dare to do if I knew I could not fail?
• How can I use what I’ve learned about myself and my abilities to get me that win?
Keep a positive mindset as best you can. Many goals take a long time to accomplish, but a good attitude and strong vision will help you stay on course. Don’t forget to reward yourself (with non-food items, please!) by celebrating small accomplishments along the way.

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