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Summer Wellness Challenge

This summer, instead of working yourself into a frenzy to achieve a short-term “beach body,” why not focus on a more well-rounded, sustainable program that will serve you year-round? We’ve created a 90-day plan full of small, daily actions designed to enhance your overall health while improving your waistline! Win-win. 
Sure, fitness is a fundamental ingredient to losing weight, feeling, looking, and functioning better. But, an overall wellness plan includes so much more. We’ve included several types of activities over the next 90 days that cover every aspect of wellness.

Wellness Plan Themes

  • Movement Monday – Small actions that will help you get more movement in your day, every day, because more movement throughout the day adds up. Learning to “sneak” it in will help on days where you can’t find time to do a more traditional workout.
  • Tip Tuesday – Small tips can make a big difference in nutrition, health, stress, sleep, and more. Getting healthier doesn’t have to mean overhauling everything, all at once. Take one step at a time—which is exactly what these tips will help you do!
  • Wellness Wednesday – Small actions will help you learn more about your body both physiologically and psychologically; they’re equally important. We must understand more about what’s happening on the inside and the outside to take positive steps toward our goals.
  • Tasty Thursday – Small tips to find the right nutritional balance for your active lifestyle, because no exercise can overcome an unhealthy kitchen. We’re not talking diets, we’re talking small tweaks that go a long way in helping you make smart choices without being restrictive.
  • Fitness Friday – Small actions to get started, update, or shake up your fitness routines, because variety is the spice of life. While there’s more to wellness than just the fitness component, exercise is vitally important to keep your body strong.
  • Social Saturday – Small tips to rekindle your live social networks and stay connected to your friends, family, and loved ones, because our network is what keeps us going! Strengthening relationships with a wide variety of people will help with stress reduction, accountability, and motivation.
  • Self-Care Sunday – Small actions to help you establish self-care as a priority, because putting on your oxygen mask first allows you to care for others. Sometimes we just need a reminder!
The activities vary in the amount of time and energy they will take. Each activity has a point total to highlight which ones are a bit easier to tackle and those that might be a tougher. You’ll be using these points to gauge your progress over the next 90 days!
 Wellness Plan Preview: Small, daily challenges!

Final Tips Before Beginning

Any day is a good day to start! Here are a few suggestions to make the most out of this 90-day plan:
  • Print Plan & Schedule Time – Even the best of intentions can get easily side-tracked. Set yourself up for success by incorporating these tasks into your main calendar so you have daily visibility and reminders! You can also print this plan and hang it somewhere really visible. 
  • Choose Your Weekly Activities – Each day will have a bite-size activity. At the start of each week, note the ones you know you can do. Of course, if you end up doing more, yeah you! But, be sure to set your intention for the week. 
  • Record Your Activity – At the end of the week, add up the points value of all your completed activities (and any more activity you snuck in!) and keep a running list.
  • Set the Bar a Little Higher – Then, as you plan the next week, look back at last week’s points total. Aim to at least be consistent with the number of points you achieve each week. But if you can, try to up the ante even if it’s just by one point!  
Feel free to do more than what’s listed each day or each week. You can repeat activities, you can switch out activities, and you can add in as much exercise as you’d like. But the goal is to start small and celebrate your wins each and every day. Behavior change is hard; small, sustainable adjustments are the best way to move towards a new, healthier you! 

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