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Take Charge Of Spring With This May Wellness Calendar

Why does it feel easier to set goals in January, versus May? There’s something about starting a new year, or celebrating a birthday, that makes you pause and reflect on where you are in life and what you’d still like to accomplish. Just like life, however, fitness goals take time. You’re not going to drop a lot of weight or be able to lift a ton more overnight, but you sure can start taking steps to get there! Use this monthly calendar to focus in and plan your route—one day at a time. Don’t forget to set some small goals and take a few measurements so you can see how you’ve progressed come May 31.
Note: Your local Anytime Fitness gym may be hosting free workouts for members and non-members in May! So keep an eye out and think about asking a friend or family member to join you. Exercising is often more fun with company. And you need someone to high-five at the end! 

Want More Direction?

Try our beginner Get Started Plan with recommended workouts and times to get moving during your first 30 days of fitness. If you’d like to personalize these plans more to your personal abilities and needs, you can visit your nearest Anytime Fitness to work with a certified personal trainer. We also have more detailed, goal-oriented fitness plans:
  • 15-Day Family Fitness Challenge
  • 21-Day Rowing Machine Plan
  • 4-Week Cycling Training Plan
  • 6-Week Pre-Wedding Workout Plan
  • 8-Week Spring Break Body Fitness Plan
  • 3-Month Weight Lifting Plan

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