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The Top 10 Anytime Fitness App Questions & Answers

The Anytime Fitness App is here to help you stay motived and moving, not cause confusion! So if you’re having any issues using the app, like synching your fitness device or finding workouts, here’s some help.
Note: If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, check our resource guide. You can also email help@anytimefitness.com or submit a ticket to get help solving a specific issue.

1. I am having trouble linking my gym account to the app. What should I do?

First things first, double-check your personal info. Your first and last name must exactly match the name on your membership record on file with your gym. So if you used an abbreviation (for example) of your name when setting up your app account, that could be the issue. Contact your gym to see what they have in their system; they may need to adjust your account a little to match what you used. If that doesn’t solve your problem, submit a ticket and we’ll happily help you resolve it!

2. My husband and I share an email address. How do we keep our data separate?

Good question! You’ll definitely want to keep your gym visits, goals, steps, and other health info separate in the app. We actually recommending creating a second email address—even if it’s just for this app. The Anytime Fitness App relies on an email address for a username. We’ll use this email address to help you if you ever forget your password or your account gets locked, so that’s important per user, to keep your data separate.
Heads up: If you have a Gmail account, you can actually use the “+” or “.” feature to create a “new” email address in the Anytime App for the same email account. Here’s a summary of the trick. For example: olsonfamily@gmail.com and olsonfamily+mom@gmail.com and olsonfamily+dad@gmail.com all technically go to the same Gmail account.

3. How do I get my steps to show up in the app?

Syncing your fitness device to our app is a great way to aggregate more data and get a broader picture regarding your daily activity. (Note: If you don’t have a device, you can still sync workout activity via MapMyFitness!) First, click “More” in the main app navigation, and then “Apps & Devices.” Once you get there, there are two routes:
  • Connecting a FitBit: If you have already created an account with Fitbit, click the FitBit option and enter your email and password. (If you have not created an account, select “Sign up for a free account” and continue with the remaining setup prompts from Fitbit.) When prompted, select “Allow” to give the Anytime Fitness App access.
  • Connecting another device via MapMyFitness: Select “Under Armour” and then “MapMyFitness” if you have another type of device or simply want to connect movement tracking that way. You will be prompted to set up an account, if you don’t already have one, and then under their “More” navigation is a “Connect Apps and Devices” option, with a lot of device possibilities.

4. Can I track what I’m eating, too?

Absolutely! When you’re looking at the Home Feed of our App, look for “Track Food” in the upper-right. Click that and you’ll be brought to the MyFitnessPal Log In or Sign Up page. If you’d like regular reminders, you can allow MyFitnessPal to send you notifications through your phone. The Anytime Fitness App doesn’t currently sync nutrition data with MyFitnessPal, but it’s a great, handy tool for tracking your calories and you can always access it from the app.

5. Does my data sync at any gym? What if I switch home clubs?

Yes. Your gym visits will be tracked as long as you swipe your key fob to enter any Anytime Fitness. And you’ll maintain all your app info, regardless of which club is considered your home gym. If you do end up going to a new gym more often, you can relink your Anytime Fitness App account, which basically pings us to update your app info to show what’s on record in your gym. Then the Home Feed of the app will begin showing content from your local gym’s Facebook feed. And your account agreement information will switch to the new location. But that won’t affect your previous activity info or app access and functionality.

6. How do I start a workout?

Once you find the right workout for you, there are a few ways you can start a workout. The quickest way is to tap the workout from your home screen and then “Start Workout” in the overview screen. Swipe to move through the exercises. To enter tracking info, tap any tracking field in the set rows, enter the number on the keypad, then tap the text on the top-left of the keypad to save and close. At the end of the workout, tap “Complete,” rate your workout, add a comment if you’d like, and tap “save.” You’re done!
After you’re up and running and have completed a few, you can access previously completed workouts or those shared with you by a coach under “My Workouts.” Click the name and then “Start” and you’re in!

7. How does the workout timer work?

The workout timer will start automatically, as soon as you begin a workout. Once you progress to the very end and hit “End,” the app will record the time so that you can see when you completed it, how long it took, and access this information in the future to decide what you should do and how you hope to progress from the last time. The time (along with your personal info like height and weight) also will ultimately help the system decide how many calories you burned. If you crushed the workout in a short time, it’s likely your heart rate was higher!

8. How do I schedule a workout? How do I delete a workout? Print? Share?

When you’re in the Workouts App, you’ll see a lot of options. Hit “Schedule” to pull up your personal schedule. Find the day you’d like to schedule a workout and then click the “+” in the upper-right. That will pop you back to your workouts, where you can select from your list of saved, received, or previously completed workouts, so you can select something. At this time you can select a start and end time for your workout and even an alert if you’d like a reminder.
You can also search for a workout and decide what to do next. When you’ve chosen one, click the upper right ” …” and a bunch of options will appear: Edit (if you’d like to add or remove specific movements), Share, Print, Add to Schedule, Add to Favorites and Duplicate Workout (if you’d like to copy a workout and then edit it).
If you’d like to delete a workout from our main “My Workouts” list, just swipe left and an “X” will pop up.

9. How do I get calories to show up for my workouts?

In order for calories to appear you need to make sure all your personal information is entered in the app. Find this under “More” and then “Personal Info.” Make sure your gender, height, and weight are entered, so the app knows how to adjust for your frame.

10. Does the app support the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, no, the app does not currently sync with either of these options, but we hope it can in the future! You can still run the Anytime App workouts from those devices, though. It just can’t track your steps.
We are partnered with MapMyFitness and FitBit and their programs pass stats to our app, which is a great way to track your activity! This includes the Fitbit and most other devices, like Jawbone, Misfit, Connect, and more. Find more information on what devices are supported and how to connect them to our app via our support page.

BONUS: What if I have more questions?!

That’s fine! We are here to help. Check out our resource guide for more, or email us at help@anytimefitness.com and we’ll do our very best to get back to you quickly. You can also ask your local gym staff for app tips and tricks!

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