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Trick Or Treat Halloween Workout

Halloween doesn’t have to be a holiday lead by sugary sweets, but rather, one that brings your community together and keeps you on your feet! If you’re at home hanging out candy to neighborhood kids, you’re not off the hook! Take this chance to game-ify the experience and make it more fun for everyone, while burning some calories. Our Halloween Workout Guide will do just that and keep you on your toes.
It’s easy. We’ve given you some of the most trendy and timely costumes of the year to get you moving each time someone comes to your door. For example, any time a little girl arrives dressed as the almighty Wonder Woman, it’s time to hold a plank once she leaves. Each time you see a kid dressed as a Ghost, get some windmills in. Every exercise should be completed for 30 seconds (or more), which is hopefully just enough time in between doorbell rings. You could check off each box after the exercise is completed, but where’s the fun in that? We recommend repeating movements if you see repeat costumes!
Too much leftover or collected candy? Be sure to check out our “Send Treats to the Troops” blog post tomorrow for a quick way to combat the sugar overload in your house while doing something nice. 

Make handing out candy even more fun!

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