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Want To Save 20-30% On Your Gym Membership Fees?

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of regular exercise. Physically active adults have reduced risks for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, many forms of cancer, and a wide array of other chronic diseases. In fact, exercising regularly is one of the simplest, most effective ways to lower your healthcare costs.
Under increased pressure to do something about skyrocketing healthcare costs, several members of Congress have finally gotten the message. A bi-partisan group of lawmakers has come to realize that preventing chronic diseases is a lot cheaper than paying to treat illnesses with costly medications and expensive hospitalizations after people get sick.

The PHIT Act

PHIT America
PHIT America is a cause and campaign dedicated to increasing physical activity & fitness to improve the health of all Americans.
Sometime within the next several weeks, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. will likely vote on what’s known as the PHIT Act—The Personal Health Investment Today Act. If it becomes law:
  • Families could use up to $2,000 each year of their HSAs (Healthcare Spending Accounts) or FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) for physical activity expenses like gym memberships, recreational sports fees, exercise equipment and/or fitness classes.
  • Using tax-free dollars in HSAs and FSAs this way could save taxpayers 20-30% on their annual physical activity costs. It would also lead to more physically active, happier, healthier, more prosperous Americans.

Make a Difference—in Less Than Two Minutes

The PHIT Act has bi-partisan support. More than 100 lawmakers in Congress currently are listed as “sponsors” of the legislation. But dozens more are needed for it to pass. Anytime Fitness and other healthy lifestyle advocates have made it as easy as possible for your voice to be heard.
  • CLICK HERE to quickly and easily urge your elected representatives to support PHIT.
  • Learn more about PHIT here: phitamerica.org/Leglislation/PHIT_Act
  • Copy and Tweet the message below, which includes a link to an infographic explaining PHIT:
    • You could save 20-30% on fitness expenses like gym memberships with passage of the PHIT 

It Might Be Now or Never

For more than 10 years, Anytime Fitness and other wellness proponents have advocated for the passage of PHIT. Unfortunately, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have failed to pass it, citing PHIT’s impact on federal tax revenues. In truth, PHIT would cost only 1/1000th of 1% of the annual federal budget over 10 years—and the long-term healthcare cost savings would far outweigh those costs.
                                        Chuck Runyon, CEO and Co-founder, Anytime Fitness
The time is now. Never before has PHIT been so close to passage. Let your voice be heard. Please contact your member of Congress today.
Thank you,Chuck Runyon
CEO and Co-founder, Anytime Fitness

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