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What To Pack For The Rugged Maniac

Gearing up for Rugged Maniac? Not sure what to bring? Don’t stress. We’ve got you covered! A mud run obstacle race like Rugged Maniac is decidedly different from your standard road race. It requires special preparation, gear, and a great attitude to make it a fun and comfortable experience. Don’t worry about over-packing; this is one time it’s totally acceptable to do it. You’ll end up covered in mud, after all!

1. Cash and I.D.

Half the fun of being a Rugged Maniac is sticking around afterward, drinking your free beer, and enjoying the atmosphere. Racers 21+ will get two wristbands: one to verify that your ID has been checked and the other to be redeemed for one free beer. The extra cash you’ll want to bring is for a post-race snack to help you recover!

2. Tight-Fitting Clothing

Mud is heavy. Loose-fitting clothing can cause quite the wardrobe malfunction as you’re pulling yourself out of a mud pit, and no one wants that! Opt for compression shorts/pants and tank-tops. The mud is also particularly rough on loose-fitting shoes, so either tie them tightly or wrap them with a little duct tape.

3. Work Gloves

If you have sensitive skin or your race has a lot of rope obstacles, consider packing a pair of leather or rubber work gloves. Gloves will also help keep dirt out from under your fingernails, making post-race clean-up a little easier.

4. Sunscreen and First Aid Kit

You might get a little scratched up during the race, so be prepared with a first aid kit. They do have a first aid tent, but it’s better to let the folks who are really hurting get priority there. Bring a small first aid kit with wipes and bandages for minor injuries you may have. A sunburn wouldn’t help those scratches either. Lather up the sunscreen before and after the race, especially if you plan on sticking around for the after party!

5. Small Towel

You’ll get to rinse off briefly after the race, but you won’t be totally clean until you get home and take a shower. Bring a towel to help wipe off after your rinse-down. If you really want to get clean, you can pack a wet washcloth and use it sponge-bath style.

6. Change of Clothes

Changing into a clean pair of shorts and a shirt can go a long way in increasing your post-race enjoyment. You’ll also spare your car from some of the muddy residue. Some people even use swimwear as a base layer and just replace their outer layer when done. Whatever makes you comfortable! There are changing tents available to use at the race, so you’ll want to take advantage.

7. Change of Shoes

While it’s tempting to consider, don’t expect to keep your muddy shoes after the race, so wear an old pair. Pack replacement shoes or flip flops in your gear bag to change into at the end. You won’t want to be slogging around in muddy, wet shoes afterward!

8. Plastic Bag

If you want to salvage your muddy clothes and wash them when you get back home, you can stash them in a few plastic bags to keep everything else from getting muddy.

9. Old Sheets or Towels

Eventually, you’ll have to drive your muddy bum home, and you’ll probably want to protect your car seats. Old sheets or towels work perfectly for this. Take the sheets or towels and wrap them around each seat. You could also purchase old sheets from a thrift shop if you’re worried about ruining your own.

10. A Positive and Cheerful Attitude

There will be folks at all levels of athletic ability at the race. And almost everyone will be friendly, helpful, and excited. Don’t get discouraged when the person in front of you holds you up or you hold someone up behind you. Giggle when you slip and fall in the mud and give someone a hand if they need help over an obstacle. You’re all trying to get through this together! Make sure to stick around and cheer on your fellow Maniacs as they finish the race. Victory is more fun with company!

Don’t forget: If your race is more than four weeks away, you still have time to start our 4-week Rugged Maniac Training Plan! Check out other training tools to help you prepare for race day directly on the Rugged Maniac Training page.

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