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Why In The World Would Anyone Get A Tattoo Of Their Gym’s Logo?!

It’s true: There are about 4,000 Anytime Fitness owners, staff, and members around the world with a tattoo of the brand’s Running man logo. Anytime Fitness Concord Township, OH, led by father-daughter team Von Hollingsworth and Anna Dey, now has the most tattooed members with a whopping 36!

They gathered recently to celebrate their remarkable community, health accomplishments, and get many more members inked by Focused Tattoos. Each has a personal story about why they decided to permanently mark themselves. We’ll let them explain.

I got my Anytime Fitness tattoo because…

“In about a year, I lost 100 pounds and I have maintained that for almost two years. Not only was it a physical transformation, but I went from very shy and quiet to saying hello to everyone in the gym.” She’s added a quote to her tattoo: “With pain comes strength.”
  • Aimee Anderson, member
“When I look at my tattoo, I realize that I’m healthier than I ever been.” Courtney, who is now 53 years old, recovered from a heart attack about 10 years ago, stopped smoking cigarettes and lost about 45 pounds. After achieving her health and fitness goals, she decided to help others get to a healthier place and that is when she became a trainer for Anytime Fitness Concord!
  • Lisa Courtney, trainer
“This is my first tattoo. I never thought in my life that I would be a person to get a tattoo.” The tattoo represents perseverance. Kucsma cared for her father for 10 years while working full-time and struggling with severe depression and anxiety. Following a medical procedure, Kucsma was motivated to lose weight. She has lost a total of 65 pounds and remains dedicated to exercising five days a week.
  • Rebecca Kucsma, member
“The Running Man symbolizes so much more than fitness for me. The Running man reminds me that I am a part of a family that is full love love and encouragement. Along with the Running Man is the word ‘Strong’ written by the strongest person I know—my Mom. Between the Running Man and the word it will serve as a constant reminder that I am blessed with many amazing people in my life and I can do anything I put my mind to; both in my fitness endeavors and in my life.”
  • Courtney Pustay, member
“I have been a member of Anytime Fitness Concord since they opened, almost 5 years ago. I started training with Zack, and it has improved my life so much. I feel strong everyday, and now am trying to make it to the gym 5 days/week. I have seen a huge improvement in my body overall. I made a commitment to myself to always stay positive and try to inspire and motivate other people.”
  • George Linder, member
“Anytime Fitness, the beach, and the Jeep are my happy places, hence my tattoo.  At Anytime Fitness Concord, the trainers and the members make this place another family- one that I never thought I’d be a part of but find that I couldn’t live without now!”
  • Kaci Fuller, member
“My Running Man tattoo shows my heritage as well as my lifestyle. I am a Croatian, Contemporary Punk. Anytime Fitness brings my wife and I together and keeps us on the right track.”
  • Dave Horvat, member
“Donna, my trainer, is great. She has helped me do things I never would have attempted. Donna is always telling me to ‘just breathe’ and I can do it. This is true in all phases of my life—’Just Breathe,’ you can get through it. Thanks to Anytime Fitness, now I can.”
  • Debbi Libby, member
“My tattoo signifies key points in my life. First is the Anytime Fitness Running Man. This signifies my strength, accomplishment, and family. Completing a half marathon with the support of the Anytime Fitness Concord Running Team was one of my biggest accomplishments. The other thing on my Running Man tattoo is the Mohawk. It’s more of a punk thing. It signifies freedom from judgement from others. I would never run or exercise or go “outside the box” because I was afraid of doing things incorrectly and then being judged for it. No more! The state of Ohio outline and red/white checkered heart signify my Croatian heritage and the city of Cleveland, where my husband and I immigrated to America to and have called our only home. It is placed on my forearm as a constant reminder of how far I have come.”
  • Fran Horvat, member
“I’ve kept off more than 30 pounds and my tattoo is really about making the time for myself and making me important.”
  • Erin Daniel, member
“I’m getting the Runningman tattoo because my life has completely changed since last April. I have lost a lot of weight, become stronger, and even joined their Running Team, and I had never ran before.”
  • Michelle Booher, member
“I joined Anytime Fitness for their Running Team. It turned out that they were having a weight-loss Challenge at the same time, which I decided to participate in. This Challenge introduced me to my trainer, Zack, who pushed me to lose over 20% of my body-weight. By doing so, I gained confidence to push myself even further. Anytime Fitness Concord really is a family. My tattoo represents this family, and a decision to live my life to the fullest.”
  • Steve Pustay, member

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