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Love Story of Hema Saxena and Yogi Adityanath

The name of Hema Saxena has gotten attention of national media because of an illegal and idiotic act of UP Police. The police have arrested a journalist who was creating fake news on the basis of a statement given by Hema Sexena. Prashant Kanojia was creating fake news and sharing on his social media profiles.

That is obviously not the work of a journalist. Being anti-establishment doesn’t mean being creator of fake news.

Who is Hema Saxena?

Hema is a divorcee woman. She is currently living with her parents in Kanpur. One fine day she came to Lucknow and started a sit – in protest before the CM House. She gave interview to one local media person saying that she is in relationship with Yogi Adityanath since last one year. She has further added that Yogi was in touch with her through video conferencing.
Taking a look at events of her family life, there is absolutely no doubt that she is making a malicious claim against Yogi Adityanath. She has also not an iota of proof about it.

That Yogi Adityanath will remain in touch with a woman (alleged lover) over the video conferencing where his videos can be recorded can’t be trusted. On the face of everything, her claims are definitely false.

Coming back to Prashant Kajoria, a Hinduphobic and Left thug – his arrest has given unnecessary attention to this fake news. Now, Hema Saxena will be used forever to abuse and malign Yogi Adityanath.

The UP Government should do what Modi used to do – just ignore these pathological liars and idiotic scums who are masquerading as journalists.

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